Andrew Caudill

Andrew caudill

FOR WASHOE COUNTY School Board Trustee


Issues & Views


Family Values

o   Family is the cornerstone of our society.

o   Belief structures are to be taught at home, not in public school.

o   Social and emotional learning teaches students what to feel and what to think, inappropriately imposing district values. 

Parental Rights

o   No one in the public school system has more rights over a child than the parent.

o   The district should never withhold information regarding a child from parents.

o   Co-ed bathrooms forced upon students are a violation of student privacy and parental rights.

o   Planned Parenthood, or any other interest group, should have no voice on any issue that overrides the voice of parents regarding issues in the public schools.

Teachers are to be valued

o  While class sizes increased and teacher support decreased, the general administration received $12.8 million in fiscal year 2018, up from $6.7 million in fiscal year 2017.

o  $6.1 million increase to general administration while money was cut from the classroom!

Fiscal Responsibility

o   District must be held accountable to get their fiscal house in order:

  •   $500K per school to build co-ed bathroom facilities that invade student privacy. 
  •   Traci Davis made $412K in total compensation in 2017
  •   823 district staff members make $100K+ in total compensation
  •   District faces $22-28M deficit in 2018-19
  •   District wasted $20K on Traci Davis’s evaluation
  • Administration salaries increased by over $6 million in fiscal year 2018

o   Taxpayer money should be respected and used in the classroom and not wasted.

o   No cut to the classroom will be supported without 10% cut to administrative line of the budget.  No increase to administration will ever be supported.


Student Performance

o   Only 1 in 10 seniors are college ready

o   Resources and focus must be put into the classroom to prepare the students for college while supporting the teachers by cutting their administrative tasks.

Transparency & Trust With Integrity 

o   District is not being truthful when Traci Davis says the gender neutral bathrooms are federally mandated, no federal mandate exists.

o   Trust and transparency must be restored.

o   All district business should be conducted openly for debate and discussion by the tax paying public.  District must act with integrity when disclosing information.